Cloud entrepreneur Joe Drumgoole (founder of CloudSplit, a cloud services cost analysis tool) recently gave a talk on the cost of cloud computing, and warned accountancy firms about the danger of becoming a cost outlier.

In essence what Drumgoole was saying was that accountancy costs have remained mostly static as the other costs of doing business continue to fall. Citing examples such as Google Apps, and the numerous other free productivity tools out there, Drumgoole explained –

“When I first started out 10 years ago, I used to pay my accountant €2,000-€3,000 a year. It still costs about the same, while all my IT costs have dropped,”

€3,000?! You’re with the wrong accountant, Joe. With Crunch’s new Payroll system coming into effect in the coming weeks, you’ll be able to run a business of up to 12 people for a mere £94 per month.

With a decent business broadband connection costing around £100 per month, Crunch certainly couldn’t be considered a cost outlier, in fact you might find you spend more on Lattes than accounting with Crunch + Payroll clocking in at just £3 per day.

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