This week a newspaper claimed it was “Crunch time for Pudsey.” The inflammatory headline suggests we seek a showdown with the big soft mascot of Children in Need. Crunch would like to make it clear that we have nothing but goodwill for Pudsey, and instead just wanted to tap him on the shoulder and give him the £1,535 we raised from a recent fundraising initiative.

It’s only right that we thank the customers who came onboard and helped us get to the total. The idea was quite simple: we waived our start-up and limited company formation fees for ten days and then donated the equivalent amount to charity.

Crunch MD, Darren Fell, was happy with the outcome: “This was the first time embarked on a spot of fundraising and we weren’t disappointed by the response.”

We would again like to thank those customers who made it possible, the money went to a fantastic cause!

Read more about our fundraising efforts here.