As many of you will know, alongside running one of the most fabulous accountancy services around, an important division of the burgeoning Crunch empire is Freelance Advisor, a site set up around 3 years ago by our Managing Director Darren during Crunch’s infancy as a resource to help UK freelancers and contractors.

Since those humble beginnings Freelance Advisor has grown tremendously, and now helps around 30,000 UK freelancers, contractors and small businesses every month. However, we are acutely aware that a great percentage of the UK’s self-employed workforce aren’t freelancers, a lot are contractors, and they need help and advice specific to them. With this in mind, for the last few weeks we have been working on our newest site, and we are now very excited to launch Contractor Advisor.

The site will offer the same sort of thing as Freelance Advisor – guides, news, tutorials, accounting and tax help, product reviews, news and general advice. If you want to keep up to speed, or just say hi, you can follow Contractor Advisor on Twitter.

In keeping with the philosophy behind Freelance Advisor, Contractor Advisor’s mission is to be genuinely helpful to the contracting community and only offer good, impartial advice. We like to remain fairly transparent about the relationship between Freelance / Contractor Advisor and Crunch, so you’ll never see any transparent marketing pieces, inane SEO exercises, and we’ll certainly never indulge in any ridiculous promotional exercises, like giving Crunch made-up awards.

We hope you’ll check out Contractor Advisor and get involved in our new community – we’re looking forward to seeing it grow!