Crunch has featured in an edition of City AM – London’s free daily business newspaper. It all stemmed from an independent survey into people’s spending habits.

We sought to uncover how much money people wasted on unused purchases such as gym memberships, clothes and uneaten food. The end result was that the average person wastes £1,213 on such superfluous items!

City AM printed the survey as part of a feature which focused on how people can save money during tough economic times. Clearly, buying things you don’t need is one method of achieving this. Another area they focus on is how using your tax allowances can help. We would add to this that small business owners can save significant amounts by ensuring they are as tax efficient as possible. For example, limited company directors can increase their take home pay by remunerating themselves with the right balance of dividends and salary. We ensure that all our customers do this thanks to our ‘Pay Yourself’ module.