The new year is off to a fantastic start here in the Crunchnasium. The legal quagmire surrounding EBTs is seeing many contractors ditching their Umbrella Company and moving to Crunch, and our trusty team of advisors have been on the phone non-stop helping out.

To highlight our continued plight to save the good people of the UK yet more money, we conducted a survey to find out how much money is wasted every year on frivolous purchases and broken New Years resolutions. The national media went doo-lally over the results and Crunch was featured everywhere from the darkest depths of Scotland to the beating heart of UK business in The City – and even as far afield as India! We’ve compiled a handy compendium of our coverage so you can read all about how much money is wasted in Britain every year.

The Independent

– Herald Scotland

City AM

Scottish Daily Express

At Home Magazine

Newstrack India

Dolly Mix

Which? Magazine

Daily Express

Daily Mail

Totally Money

Lemon Drop