As you probably know, January is always a horrendous period for traditional accountancy firms. Panicked clients, realising the self assessment tax return deadline is just around the corner, begin turning up on their accountant’s doorstep in the dead of night, clutching a torn plastic bag full of invoices and receipts, begging for help.

At Crunch, the process is slightly more relaxed. We drink lattes and collaborate on ideas for folk songs, all the while soothed by the gentle hum of our servers working away, preparing those all-important tax returns. Once the servers are done, the numbers are checked over by our expert accountancy team, and the completed returns are whisked off to HMRC.

A combination of our servers’ mighty number crunching, and expert guidance by our team of accountants meant that no less than 100% of Crunch customers who gave us their information by our January 21st cut-off date were able to submit their self assessment returns on-time, avoiding a nasty £100 fine.

An impressive feat for a firm nearing 1,000 clients – a finer testament to the power of cloud computing there never has been!