Today we’re giddy with excitement to announce that our newest plaything, Crunch: The Game, is live in the App Store! If you’ve got an iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad) you can download the game and get playing straight away! Those of you lucky enough to have been in our beta test can now download the final version of the game, and put all those Crunching skills you’ve been practising to good use against the general populous!

The game is a heady mix of old-school block-breaking (think Tetris or Bejeweled) with some fast-paced puzzle-solving thrown in for good measure. You’ll be able to select either Puzzle or Race mode. Puzzle mode challenges you to complete problems before the screen fills up with blocks, and Race mode involves completing a chain with a specific symbol before it falls off the screen. The game was produced by the Bafta-winning Spilt Milk Studios, and we have to say they’ve done a fine job!

To keep things interesting we’re going to be keeping the scoreboard for the game on the Crunch Facebook page (Click the link on the left sidebar for “The Game”), so once you hit the top spot you can show off to your friends and competitors. Currently the number one position is occupied by yours truly, so feel free to “bring the noise”!

If you like the game, don’t forget to submit a review on iTunes, or share your score with your friends on Facebook and Twitter! Happy Crunching! You can download the game in the App Store on your iOS device, or from iTunes here.