In an interview with, Crunch investor Paul Birch has waxed lyrical on his feelings about the current investment market, his plans for the coming year, and some of his investment highlights.

He touches on the concept of ‘gamification’, which he believes is right at the cutting-edge of web technologies, and goes on to explains why investing in Crunch was too good an opportunity to pass up. Paul Birch invested in Crunch, along with former Skype chairman Michael van Swaaij, just a few months after we first launched. So, why was he so confident that Crunch would be a success?

“It was a combination of the people and the opportunities. I’ve used these companies that do what Darren [Fell, Crunch MD] does in the past and I always thought they were terrible when I used them. I thought it was a bad user experience and I thought there was an opportunity to do something new.”

Due to the success of Crunch, both Birch and van Swaaij put in a second round of investment last October. Birch described this decision as a highlight in his business year. Next up for the angel investor is a new start-up project. Forming and supporting innovative businesses is clearly a major passion of the man behind Bebo: it will be interesting to see what’s next.