As our customer base grows, we are seeing more and more requests for different browser compatibilities. Due to the make-up of our customers (mostly IT-savvy, creative types), we are in something of a unique position when it comes to browser usage. Below is a chart of global browser share, versus the stats we see at Crunch –

Browser Global Market Share Crunch Share
Internet Explorer 45% 25%
Firefox 30% 24.1%
Chrome 17.5% 20.1%
Safari 5% 19.9%
Opera 2% 0.75%


As you can see there are some big discrepancies, especially in the case of Mac users on Safari.

We have received several queries about Internet Explorer 6 support, so we thought we’d address the issue directly. We do not – and can not – support IE6. Even Microsoft are distancing themselves from the browser (see due to it’s crummy standards support and awful security features. To illustrate the problem, here is a side-by-side comparison of Crunch rendered in the latest version of Google Chrome, and in IE6.

Crunch Browser Comparison

Click for full-size horror


To support IE6 we would have to devote a huge amount of development time to making Crunch compatible with the ageing browser, which would take time away from rolling out even more new features (more on those next week). As such we are following the example set by Google, Facebook and Microsoft themselves and not supporting IE6.

Unfortunately Microsoft are not quite finished inflicting browser-related misery upon us, and their newest release, IE9, is incompatible with the software library we use to run the more complex behind-the-scenes features of the Crunch system.

Crunch will still work if you enable Compatibility Mode in IE9 – do this by pressing F12 and selecting “IE9 Compatibility Mode” in the uppermost bar of the developer console. However this is obviously not an ideal solution, so as yet we are not officially supporting IE9. Our development team are aware of the problem and are working to fix it as soon as possible.

In the interim, Crunch favourites Firefox 4 and Google Chrome are free and fully standards-compliant – you should find both will handle Crunch flawlessly.

If you have any browser-related problems, feel free to contact your Account Manager and we will help you as best we can.