Last week there was much cause for celebration in the Crunch offices as, just two short years since launch, we hit the magical 1,000 customer mark! This quick progress has surprised even us, and shows that the UK’s self-employed workforce is ready, willing and eager for a modern, all-in-one accountancy service.

We thought we’d celebrate the occasion by giving our 1,000th customer a truly useful prize – all their accounting for free!

Dan Murray was the customer in question. He got in touch with us to form a Limited Company  and manage the accounts for his consultancy firm BrightMinded. On his first day of trading we gave him a call to say he would have his accountancy fees waived for the year.

“I got a call from Crunch and I wondered if there was a problem,” Dan said. “Instead, it turned out that we were their 1,000th customer and would have our incorporation fee waived plus free accounting for the rest of the year. It seemed like a good omen on our first full day of trading!”

We were only too happy to share our big day with Dan, and wish him and business partner Cristiano Solarino all the best in their new enterprise.

Onwards to 2,000!