We recently announced that Crunch had reached a big milestone – 1,000 customers. But who is that thousandth customer – the lucky individual who landed themselves a free year of Crunch Accounting? His name is Dan Murray, and he visited Crunch Towers earlier this week to meet the team and claim his prize!

A veteran of the finance industry, Dan has worked with many of the worlds biggest investment banks, including RBS and J P Morgan. Following a series of mergers he was made redundant, and decided to take the bull by the horns, forming software consultancy firm BrightMinded with fellow programmer Cristiano Solarino.

“We’d thought about launching our own business for some time, but it’s difficult to make that jump when you have the security of work and a family to support,” Dan said. “However, when redundancy gave us the push we decided to treat this as a golden opportunity.”

Dan needed to get set up quickly as he had already lined up their first client. A friend recommended Crunch, and after comparing us to a traditional accountancy service, the decision was easy.

“We needed a quick low-cost incorporation. I spoke to another accountant but the incorporation would have taken three days at a cost of £200-£300.”

“We sent proof of ID in the morning and by the afternoon everything was set up,” he said. “We didn’t have to do anything, we made the initial call to Crunch advisor Angelo and he was very good at taking us through the set-up process and ensuring that everything was done promptly. Our account manager, Dillis, was very helpful in sorting everything out and explaining VAT registration to us in simple terms.”

The day after incorporation, BrightMinded landed its first commercial contract with investment software providers Vidivici. But that’s not the only good news they received.

“I got a call from Crunch and I wondered if there was a problem. Instead, it turned out that we were their 1,000th customer and got our incorporation fee waived plus free accounting for the rest of the year. It seemed like a good omen on our first full day of trading!”

“We have our own dedicated account manager and we can talk to an accountant if we need to. It was important for us to have someone who could take us through the whole process from incorporation, to VAT registration and end-of-year accounts,” said Dan. “And I like the fact we can do the bookkeeping on an online system, it’s much better than using an Excel spreadsheet and then giving it to an accountant at the end of the year.”

As luck would have it Dan is a fellow Brightonian, so we invited him to our offices to meet the people behind Crunch in person. Dan, with the help of his Account Manager Dillis, was able to arrange his VAT Registration on the spot, as well as share a cup of tea with Angelo, who had guided him through the registration process.

As BrightMinded continues to grow, we wish Dan and Cristiano all the best for their fledgling business. We’ll be there every step of the way to take care of the books!