If you’re looking to expand your professional networking and learn a thing or two from some of the biggest brains in the business, it’s a good time to be alive as Conference season is kicking off, and the explosion in the UK and European small business sector means this year’s conferences will be better than ever.

To that end we’ve teamed up with one of the best around – the Inspire Conference.

The Inspire Conference aims to “bring together some of the most brilliant minds in Technology, Creativity and Entrepreneurship from across the world to the heart of Europe’s exploding tech and creative scene.”

The conference will allow attendees to –

  • – Hear from the best speakers in the world including many who have presented at TED, DLD, World Economic Forum, Le Web and other high-profile events
  • – Meet the leading thinkers and innovators from UK’s technology, web, mobile and creative companies so attendees leave with a wider network of influential contacts
  • – Learn about the latest trends and innovation in Technology, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, from disruptive technologies to the most creative ways of solving the world’s pressing problems
  • – Find out how visionary entrepreneurs and thinkers are harnessing and driving these trends to change the world we live in – how can you do the same?
  • – Get a competitive advantage by learning from established global businesses, visionary thought leaders and the hottest startups businesses

And the thoroughly interesting people you’ll be hearing from are –

  • – Alex Breuer / Design Editor – The Times
  • – Ann Cotton / Founder – Camfed
  • – Anthony Browne / Policy Director for London Mayor
  • – Aza Raskin / Ex Head of UX – Mozilla Labs
  • – Conrad Wolfram / CEO – Wolfram Research
  • – Erik Hersman / Co-Founder – Ushahidi
  • – Michael Birch / Founder – Bebo, Profounders (and brother of Crunch investor Paul Birch)
  • – Parag Khanna / Best Selling Author – Second World
  • – Rajesh Sawhney / President – Reliance BIG Entertainment
  • – Rory Sutherland / Vice Chairman – Ogilvy
  • – Stephan Shakespeare / CEO & Co-Founder – YouGov
  • – Tom Chatfield / Author, Game Theorist
  • – Yossi Vardi / Investor, Startup Guru
  • – Tariq Krim / Founder, Jolicloud, Netvibes
  • – Victor Henning / CEO & Founder, Mendeley
  • – Seb Bishop / CEO (RED)
  • – Steve Moore / Director, Big Society Network

If you order your tickets before April 25th they will cost you £299+VAT, and £399+VAT thereafter. The conference will be taking place on 7-8th June in London. We’ll be there, and we’d love to see you there too!

You’ll save 10% on your booking by using the code “Inspire-Crunch”.