Meet Christian Hughes, Managing Director of Curly Productions Ltd, a creative video production company that specialises in online video communication. Christian and his company work with clients such as Microsoft and Hotpoint on projects that range from online mini TV programmes to Event and experiential coverage.

After suffering at the hands of his old accountancy firm, Christian decided it was time for a change.

“My last accountant, I discovered, had forgotten to register us properly for the flat rate VAT scheme, had miscalculated my corporation tax and were nearly impossible to get hold of over the phone. I was also sick of getting a shock at the end of each tax year when the tax bill arrived. I wanted to be more in control and know exactly where we stood throughout the year.”

After a friend recommended Crunch, Christian, who had been a sole trader for three years before finally incorporating in 2008, gave our free one-month trial a go and was impressed with what he saw.

“The most important thing for me is I can log in and instantly see on the dashboard exactly where we stand and how much money to tuck away for our future tax bills. I employ lots of freelancers & production staff too, and have found the sales and expenses tools very simple to use.”

“I liked the way there was no fixed contract, so if I didn’t like it after a month I could try something else. However, I haven’t looked back and have found the whole system as easy to use as it can be for someone who never did well at maths in school!”

Christian also likes our recently-praised customer service, too.

“The team at Crunch are always looking for feedback too, so any suggestions I’ve passed on to make life easier for me have been taken on board.”

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