At Crunch, we’re always trying to beat our clients’ expectations. Be it in the realm of technological excellence, customer service or value for money – if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. And if you’re happy, we want you to be happier.

With this in mind, today we’re lifting the lid on the newest version of Crunch. Development has been ongoing for some time under the codename “Project SOUFFLÉ”, and we thought it was time to share what we’re cooking up.

Project SOUFFLÉ is no less than a complete redesign of the Crunch front end (all the stuff you see and interact with) from the ground up. Our developers have been itching to give the system a complete makeover for some months, and now we are starting to introduce more complex features we thought it would be a good time to step back and make sure the whole thing was as sleek and accessible as possible before pushing forward with the really juicy stuff.

Our developers are utilising the very latest innovations in CSS to ensure the new Crunch works better across a range of devices. We’re also introducing lots of workflow optimisations to help you blow through your accounts in record time.

Aside from the optimisation of existing functionality, we’re also adding in loads of new dashboards, widgets and graphical data analysis to give you a better overview of your business health than ever before.

By introducing these foundations now, we’re setting ourselves up nicely for the future growth of the Crunch platform, and we’re excited to share a little peek at it today.

However, as we’ve always said, we’re nothing without our clients. With that in mind we’re going to open the doors to our new creation to a select few for testing and feedback. To take part you need to be a Crunch client (obviously), be based in, or willing to travel to, Brighton, and be able to stop by our offices for some hands-on time with the new system.

Keep an eye on Twitter for details of how you can put yourself forward for inclusion.