Recently we put out a call for Brightonian beta testers for our new UI overhaul, Project SOUFFLÉ. We were really pleased so many enthusiastic Crunch users got in touch to visit Crunch Towers and take our newest build for a spin. However, due to the crippling confines of this physical world, other users across the country who wanted to participate were left out – and we don’t like leaving people out.

With this in mind, we’ve decided that (subsequent to our own internal testing) we will be rolling out Project SOUFFLÉ to all our users for a limited period of testing, commencing Thursday 9th June, and finishing Monday 13th June.

During this period all clients will be able to log in as normal to manage their accounts, but will also be given the option to log in to our development server to try the new system for themselves. Once logged in, users will see their own company data, although any changes or additions made will not be mirrored back to our live server – this is for testing only, people!

The idea of this testing period is to collect as much feedback as possible, so we can make sure our new UI ticks all your boxes when we eventually launch. We’d encourage all our users to try the new system out, as your feedback will directly influence the features that make it into the final release.

We’ll be listening to your feedback on Twitter, as well as via good old email.