As our users know, we’re huge proponents of cloud computing and the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. We believe a total package of software, services and support for a bundled monthly fee will always trump paying for each component individually, and that universal accessibility and compatibility will always win over boxed software that boasts compatibility with just one or two operating systems.

This is why, when our feisty MD Darren saw a feature on cloud software being a “rip off” on Business Zone, he simply had to respond. Business Zone published our response and a rather heated discussion erupted in the comments of both articles.

We were glad to see other Accountancy SaaS providers taking our side and rallying against what was clearly a biased and inflammatory piece designed to raise the profile of the author’s software.

The author of the original piece claimed that the incremental costs of the SaaS model, whereby users pay monthly for a service, meant that a cloud service costing a few pounds a month could easily end up costing more over the course of two years than a standalone, boxed equivalent. While the basic maths is certainly correct, the piece handily ignores many of the peripheral costs of boxed software such as a dedicated machine on which to use it, technical support, staff training and updates.

With the flat-rate pricing employed by SaaS providers you get technical support, compatibility with a wide range of devices, all future updates and portability all included in the monthly fee. Crunch, of course, includes a full accountancy package to boot – all for a little more than £2 per day.