Do accountants make errors? Google seems to think so. We hear lots of horror stories from people joining Crunch about their previous accountant – one of our clients was incorrectly registered for VAT and ended up owing HMRC several thousand pounds. Another found that they had been paying the incorrect amount of tax for several years. Clearly some accountants make mistakes, but as we recently highlighted, Crunch’s automation means these oversights are a thing of the past.

The proof is in the pudding, and at the end of March we were pleased to report that 100% of Crunch clients submitted their self-assessment tax returns on time – not many accountancy firms with well over 1,000 clients can boast statistics like that. So how do we ensure the numbers add up?

Clever software

As opposed to standalone bookkeeping software, Crunch always makes sure your figures are in tip-top condition. Our software checks and validates the raw figures you enter into Crunch, then formats the data into proper, double-entry accounting language.

We love people, but the problem with people is they sometimes make mistakes. Our software doesn’t!

The human touch

Our team of Accountants are poised over their keyboards just waiting to help you out. Should you get into a tight spot – for example if you are unsure how a particular expense should be entered – you can give them a call and they’ll walk you through it.

If you realise down the road that you’ve entered a figure incorrectly into our system, our accountants will be more than happy to nurse your figures back to full health.

Processes, processes, processes

We use the latest cloud software to automate everything in our offices. We have processes in place to handle just about anything you can throw at us – and if we don’t, we’ll knock one up. Our MD Darren likes nothing more than designing new processes.

This software-driven approach means we can let our machine overlords do the remembering for us – no post-its to be lost, and no mental notes to be forgotten. Our clients value this level of organisational know-how as there are some hefty fines to be racked up if your paperwork isn’t submitted on time. We’re so confident in our processes that if we were to ever incur a fine for one of our clients, we’ll pay it out of our own pocket.

Great Lovers?

We couldn’t possibly comment.