Our big UI redesign, Project SOUFFLÉ, launched for testing to all our users earlier this week. Your feedback so far has been great, and our Development team are currently collating and prioritising all your suggestions for implementation.

The beta will be running until 9am on Monday morning, so if you haven’t given it a test drive yet, now is the time! You’ll undoubtedly have some thoughts on the new design, so let us know! You can email your suggestions or comments to feedback@crunch.co.uk, or let us know on Twitter.

Massive Disclaimer!

You will not be editing your live company data! You will see a snapshot of your figures as of around 4.30 on Wednesday afternoon. You can make changes and use Crunch just as you normally would, but the figures will not be carried over to your live account, and your account manager and accountant will not be able to help you.

Happy testing!