Hot on the heels of our swanky UI redesign, today we’re announcing another new string to the Crunch bow – Skype integration. One thing our clients love about Crunch is the level of contact they have with the team here in the Crunchservatory – and we want to make it even easier for them to get hold of us.

We’re deploying Skype in two distinct, but equally useful ways.

Firstly, we’re adding Skype “Call us” buttons to our website in the near future, meaning getting hold of our team is now literally as easy as clicking a button – and completely free of charge for both clients and the general public. Thanks to some technical wizardry from the good folks at Foehn (rhymes with “Phone”, apparently) the incoming Skype calls will be routed through our office VoIP system, ensuring everything is correctly recorded. The integration is so seamless that our team won’t even know the difference between a regular landline call and a Skype call!

This is great news for our clients living abroad – now you won’t have to pay a penny to get in touch with your Account Manager or our team of Accountants.

The second way we’re using Skype is for face-to-face client meetings. All our Accountants are now equipped with high definition webcams, meaning you’ll be able to see as well as hear them! Our new video calling will mean a much more personal service – something cloud products such as Crunch are often sorely lacking.

If you’d like a face-to-face Skype meeting with one of our Accountants, get in touch with your Account Manager and you can be one of the first to test-drive this new feature.

Both of these new features have been deployed to do two things. Firstly, we want to make getting in touch with us as easy as possible – what could be easier than one-click calling? Secondly, we want to reduce your costs. Free calls seems like a good start!

You can read more on the Skype blog.