Ever wondered who you’re talking to when you call Crunch, who makes our software so awesome, or what our MD would look like with Crunch stickers all over his mouth? Wonder no more!

The MD

Our illustrious leader and co-founder, Darren Fell. A serial entrepreneur and passionate technophile.


The Operations Team

Lead by Operations Manager Justine, they are responsible for keeping the wheels turning and keeping the whole team well looked-after.

Oriana, Justine, Anna

The Advisors

Your first port of call when joining, the Crunch Advisors will help you figure out how much money you could save by signing up, and whether a Limited Company is right for you.

Manny, Angelo and Stacey

The Account Managers

There to take care of your business and answer all your pressing questions. Available on the phone whenever you need them.

Malin, Danielle, Cat, Helena

Andy, Dillis, Richard, Jenny

The Accountants

Our financial superheroes, ready to whisk you away to safety should your bookkeeping go awry.

Perry, Matt, Tim, Tom

The Development Team

The coding wizards behind our recent UI redesign, the Development team work hard, play hard, and are powered almost entirely by biscuits.

Richard, Sam, Anil, Amy, Andy


The Marketing Team

Surely the best looking team, we’re responsible for getting Crunch known, attracting new clients and looking after the beloved Crunch community.

Ida, Tim, Helen, Jon

Our portraits were taken by Andy of the development team, who co-owns the fantastic Number88 Photography.