A little while ago we had team photographs taken, which are now hanging proudly on the office wall. Now we’ve gone one better and teamed up with the lovely people at Nice Media to produce some new videos about Crunch, our team and our service. Following a filming day in July, our videos are now edited and ready for your delectation. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Crunch – What is it?

The Crunch team gives you an overview of how Crunch came about, how it works, and what clients can expect when they sign up. See if you can spot your Account Manager (cheat sheet here)!

Developing Crunch

Our Dev team (who these days can be found skulking around our feedback area) talks about how they build, deploy and test the Crunch system. Many people don’t understand the rigorous testing procedures all our new releases go through – developers and coders will enjoy this one.

The Crunch Community

Marketing Manager Helen and my good self talk about how we interact with Crunch clients and the self-employed community at large through our main website, social media channels and community blogs Freelance Advisor and Contractor Advisor.

Crunch and Skype

We recently announced we’d integrated Skype technology into both our website and office telephone system, allowing free VoIP calls and video conferencing for clients – here’s a video to prove it!