Over the years we’ve won our fair share of awards, but nominations still send our hearts all aflutter. We get especially jittery when the awards recognise an area we are passionate about. We were recently recognised for our excellence in customer service, and now we’ve been included in the Smarta 100, an award recognising “the most resourceful, original, exciting and disruptive small businesses in the UK.”

Smarta and their panel of judges chose 100 of the smartest small businesses in the UK to be included in the awards, and have now opened them up to the public vote. This means if we’re going to place well, we need your help!

If you’d like to see Crunch recognised, you can vote for us by visiting this page and clicking the big pink “Vote!” button. You’ll have the register, but it only takes a few seconds.

Voting ends at 6pm on Tuesday 20th September (just under a week away), so don’t wait too long to get your vote in!