It’s no secret that we love Brighton. Castle Crunchenstein┬áis located just up the road in Hove, and most of our team call the local area home. We also have a solid base of veteran Crunch users in Brighton, and we’re fairly active in the local freelancing scene.

We held our Freelancers Christmas Party at the Werks, a co-working space on the Brighton / Hove border, and recently fed the good people of the Develop Conference with our Crunch cupcakes.

So when we heard that a group of local digital people (that’s people who work in the digital sector, not literally digital people made of 1’s and 0’s) were organising the Brighton Digital Festival, we knew we had to get involved.

Our team has been out and about attending events for the entire month of September (we particularly enjoyed the events at Resonance Arts), and tomorrow, Friday 23rd September, we’re sponsoring WP Brighton, an informative meet-up for designers, coders and content producers working with the ubiquitous WordPress platform. We’re big fans of WordPress – it powers this very blog – so it seemed a natural event for us to sponsor.

Our designer Ida and advisor Angelo will be going along, so give them a firm handshake and an enthusiastic hello should encounter them.

Congratulations to the whole team behind the Brighton Digital Festival, and we look forward to sponsoring even more events next year!

Photo by Shaun DunphyCC