Here at Crunch we know a thing or two about limited companies. All Crunch clients are limited company directors to get maximum tax efficiency, and roughly 40% of all new sign-ups are sole traders. This means we form a lot of limited companies. In fact, our account managers form so many new LTDs they could probably do it with their eyes closed.

To help all the sole traders out there who are interested in forming a limited company (and with the AWR beginning to bite, there’s never been a better time), but unsure of exactly what that involves and what extra responsibilities it entails, we’ve produced another informative downloadable guide!

In this guide, we cover –

Limited Company Guide– Advantages of going limited (including limited liability, borrowing power, tax efficiency and employability)

– Disadvantages of going limited (including IR35, extra administration, and transparency)

– Choosing a company name

– How to incorporate


Download the Crunch guide to forming a limited company