The Crunch affiliate scheme is a great way for people who like our service to make a bit of cash on the side, and many do – our affiliate scheme has generated more than £15,000 in referral fees in the last year alone. Many contractor accountants run schemes similar to ours, as personal recommendation is highly valued in the self-employed community.

However, we’ve recently hit a bit of a snag – we have not-insignificant amount of unclaimed cash resting in our affiliate scheme. Some of the owed money has been waiting to be collected for over two years. Not being a bank, we can’t just hang on to this money indefinitely.

These unclaimed fees are usually the result of an affiliate account becoming dormant, and us being unable to contact those the money is owed to (because of incorrect or out-of-date contact details). To address this backlog of unallocated affiliate earnings, we are instituting a new policy for unclaimed payments.

From the beginning of November (that’s next Tuesday, calendar fans), Crunch affiliate scheme payments which have been unclaimed for six months will be put into a charity pot, the total value of which will be donated to an organisation of our choosing at the end of the calendar year.

We will always try our best to hand over money owed if at all possible. The potential beneficiaries of unclaimed payments will receive several reminder emails (or phone calls if we have those details) in addition to their usual affiliate scheme summary emails before their money is moved to our charity pot. However, in some cases (such as the the roughly £1,000 sitting unclaimed at present) where we have tried in vain to contact the recipient for many months – sometimes years – and they are either unwilling or unable to claim, the money will be donated to charity.

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