As any of our clients will know, the Crunch accountants are at the very heart of what we do. They help our development team ensure that our software produces valid and accurate accounts, they contribute their knowledge on tax and finances to our community sites, and most importantly they’re available via email, on the phone or on Skype whenever our clients need them (at no extra cost, naturally).

There is still a lot of confusion about the way Crunch actually works within the traditional accountancy sector. Speculating as to how we can keep our fees so low, traditional accountants have postulated that we outsource our expertise to call centres, or that we operate a “factory” setup – the implication being that our accountants are simply hard-working cogs in a soulless machine.

The irony here, of course, is that as most of the accounting at Crunch is done by our software, our accountants spend less time doing the grunt work of accountancy than at other freelancer and contractor accountants, and more time giving our clients advice and support.

Far from being some kind of accounting outsourcing operation, all of our expert accountants are real people based here in Crunch Towers. There’s Perry, who loves playing Fifa on his Playstation; Kevin, who began his career as a maths teacher before deciding accountancy was for him; or Jess, who enjoys knitting and playing bass. Between them our team here have over half a century of accounting experience.

accountant training

As practitioners will know, despite its old-as-time-itself reputation accountancy is a constantly evolving beast, with new tax laws and legislation being introduced on an almost constant basis. So how do we keep our accountants’ knowledge razor-sharp?

Well, unlike many firms, we have a full training programme for all of the accountants working at Crunch. This regime includes registration and an annual subscription to the ACCA, all study materials, attendance of any courses that may be required, and exam entry fees.

This investment – which totals on average around £5,000 per accountant per year – means our accountancy team enjoy a clear career path while at Crunch, and can complete qualifications that require a workplace mentor and so are unattainable independently. Not only is this of massive benefit to our team, but it means the knowledge and expertise they gain can be passed on directly to our clients.

We’re also registered with the Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Association of Taxation Technicians, which ensures our team is equipped with the very latest tax knowledge at all times. The PCG has also given us accredited status for our expertise in dealing with IR35 issues.

Unlike other small business accountants, where clients would usually deal with the office junior who worked on their books, all Crunch clients can speak to a senior accountant whenever they wish. Should they have a particularly in-depth problem our chief accountant Steve Crouch, with over thirty years experience under his belt, is also available for no extra cost.

We’re incredibly passionate about building the very best service to support the UK’s small businesses, and the efficiencies we’ve achieved through the Crunch software allow us to invest heavily in improving that service. It’s only natural that the first stop for that investment should be our team, which is the cornerstone of what makes Crunch the market leader.