Crunch has been growing fast over the last year – really fast. We moved out of the first Crunch office (affectionately known to those who worked there as The Dungeon) almost exactly a year ago, and since then our team has grown massively. The size of the development team has doubled, the marketing team has tripled and the operations team has quadrupled.

We’re now staring down the barrel of our next big expansion. Castle Crunchenstein, which seemed so vast and empty twelve months ago, is now almost at capacity. We’re busy planning what’s next for Crunch, but one decision that’s already been made is to kick our software development up a gear, and this means finding developers. Lots of developers.

Before we continue, a quick message for our friends in the recruitment industry –

No agencies, please.

Our development team, currently a motley crew of seven, have already found three new comrades, due to start shortly. However, that isn’t enough. We’re still looking for a couple more iron-clawed Enterprise Java developers to help us build the best accounting software around. If you’ve already ticked box one (you’re a Java developer), then consider the following:

– Do you live in, or are you able to travel to, Hove?

– Do you want to work at an almost irresponsibly forward-thinking company?

– Do you want to pack in your job at the bank and help develop software on the bleeding edge of cloud technology?

– Have you ever dreamt about creating code so beautiful it makes grown men openly weep?

– Can you work so closely with a team of like-minded individuals that you know what the others are thinking, can finish their sentences, and eventually, through Borg-like mechanical augmentation, form a single consciousness?

– Can you start immediately?

If you answered “yes” to one, several, or all of the above questions we want to speak to you! Hop over to our jobs page and fill in the application for Java Developer, and we’ll be in touch. And remember –

No agencies, please.