Nobody likes paperwork. It’s wasteful, it takes up space, is a pain to organise, and can give you nasty paper cuts. This is why Crunch’s registered office service is one of our most popular features – we deal with all of that for you.

All of HMRC’s dreaded manilla envelopes are handled by your account administrator (who you can find in the Your Team area of your dashboard), who will make sure everything is recorded correctly and anything needing your attention is passed to your account manager.

On average we receive between fifteen and twenty letters from HMRC and Companies House (as well as some of more questionable origin) per client per year. All this client correspondence is scanned, the originals shredded and recycled, and the digital copies added to that client’s document store.

The document store also contains everything generated through the Crunch software (dividend vouchers, payslips, invoices etc.). Currently each client’s document store is accessible to their account manager should anything need retrieving – however this is going to change.

Next year, as part of our efforts to improve data portability (i.e. how easy it is to get your data into and out of the Crunch system), we’re going to be giving our clients access to their entire document store through a simple web interface. This will include literally all the paperwork and documents we hold on your business, right from your incorporation documentation through to board meeting minutes and issued invoices, and all those HMRC and Companies House letters our team deals with on your behalf.

It will also include all of the expense documents you upload using the new attachments feature in our revamped expenses area. All the documents will be searchable and filterable, and available for download at any time.

Our development team are going to be doing a lot of work surrounding data portability in 2012, and this new document store will be just one aspect of that work. It’s still a little while off, but we thought this would be an interesting peek at the kind of direction we’re taking in the coming year.

Photo by Jared and CorinCC