Meet Tim Spilman, Crunch client and director of TRS Technical. Tim works as a freelance lighting technician in the events and entertainment industry. You may have witnessed his handiwork if you’ve seen artists such as The Darkness, Swedish House Mafia, Enter Shikari or Calvin Harris live recently.

Tim is the epitome of the mobile worker, and estimates he is on the road around two thirds of the year – so it was important he chose an accounting solution that was just as mobile as his job.

Tim’s typical day on tour begins at 8am when he and his team arrive at that evening’s venue and begin to set up. The first step is a quick chat about the logistics of that particular venue, which can range from smaller academies all the way up to stadiums. Once finished coordinating with the local crew Tim’s team will set their equipment up, and hopefully have everything working by lunch time.

Tim Spilman

The afternoon consists of sound checks and rehearsals, before the evening’s show. Once the concert ends, Tim springs back into action and packs up all his gear, gets back on the tour bus and prepares to do it all over again the next day.

After he went freelance 18 months ago, Tim shopped around for an accountant but found the traditional offerings wanting; the firm recommended by his colleagues only provided an end-of-year service.

He also tried some desktop accounting software, but found it cumbersome and inconvenient.

“The best thing for me is having the data anywhere I want it. If I used desktop software and my computer blew up or my laptop was stolen I’d be screwed. With Crunch I can log in wherever I am and fire off an invoice.

“My account manager Andy explains everything clearly whenever I have any questions. For me Crunch is the best package.”

Crunch Accounting


Tim also benefited from joining the flat-rate VAT scheme, which is managed by the Crunch software and included in our monthly fee. An enthusiastic Crunch user, Tim recommends our services to his colleagues, and was even kind enough to put a banner ad on his website!

We recently blogged about the increasing numbers of TV and film freelancers signing up to Crunch, and Tim believes that Crunch is the “perfect match” for professionals in the entertainment industry – we couldn’t help but agree!