What better way to start the new year than by launching one of our most-requested features? After a testing period in mid-December, we’re now announcing the public launch of the Crunch API.

We’re already aware of several developers hard at work on third-party apps that make use of our API, and we couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities now Crunch is open to all.

Registering to become a developer

To use the Crunch API you must first register with us to receive an API key. Given the sensitive nature of the data stored in Crunch, we decided the responsible route was to require registration before a developer can gain access.

To register send an email to api-dev@crunch.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you with your API key once we have the information we need.

API documentation

If you want to take a gander at the documentation for our API, you can find it here.

API discussion area

Registered developers will find a dedicated API discussion group in our support area. Our development team will be on-hand to answer questions and listen to your feedback, and you should feel free to drop in any and all suggestions you have for making our API even more useful.

Crunch API

More features

Our API isn’t yet sporting a full feature-set. We’ll be adding extra functionality to it incrementally, and as a developer your options for pushing and pulling data to and from Crunch will increase over time.

As with the main Crunch system, a lot of this development will be demand-led – so we need those using our API to let us know which features should be a priority. Our development team will be posting updates whenever the Crunch API is updated, so keep your eyes peeled.


Once we have an established base of third-party apps we’ll be introducing a Crunch “marketplace”, which will list all third-party apps that are compatible with our system.

There will also be an additional “authorisation” area in Crunch users’ dashboards where they can grant and revoke permissions for specific apps.

We’re still working out the finer points, but developers should be on the lookout for an announcement on how to get listed in our marketplace soon.

Photo by Kevin UttingCC