We were popping champagne corks at Castle Crunchenstein late on Friday, as at about 4.45pm we rolled past another big milestone – 2,000 active client accounts!

The 2,000th account was opened last week, activated on Friday, and as with our 1,000th client, we’ll be getting in contact to let them have a year’s accounting on us.

Our first 1,000 clients took around two years to accumulate, however our second thousand has taken just nine months – a testament to the growing demand for simple, intelligently designed cloud software and an alternative to clunky traditional accounting.

We’ve got big – nay, huge – plans for 2012 that will further improve usability and value-for-money for all our clients, and should help our growth accelerate faster still.

We’d like to thank all our clients for trusting us with their accounts, contributing to our development via user feedback and our API, and being great fun to chat with on Twitter.

Hopefully it won’t be long at all until we’re celebrating client number 3,000!