We have a system update going live late tonight that will bring two useful additions to Crunch. Here’s a quick rundown of what will be waiting for you when you login tomorrow morning.

Crunch Connect

Now our API is in the hands of developers we’ve caught wind of some exciting apps being built atop the Crunch platform. To help you keep tabs on which apps have access to your data we’re putting a new area called “Crunch Connect” in the Your Crunch dashboard. In here you’ll find two lists, Integrations and Apps.

Crunch connect

The upper list, Integrations, are first-party services developed solely by Crunch or in conjunction with our development team, and usually add extra functionality to your Crunch account. This list contains every Integration available, and you can toggle them on or off at any time. Some will require you to agree to additional Terms and Conditions.

The lower list, Apps, will show any third-party software you have authorised to access your Crunch account. Items will only appear in this list once you have authorised them, and you have the option to revoke their access at any time (at which point they will disappear from the list until you re-authorise them).

Ever visited the “Apps” page on Facebook or Twitter? This is exactly the same thing.

Data Export

Late last year we wrote a little about the work our development team would be doing on data portability in 2012, and this new data export facility is the first step.

From tomorrow in the upper right corner of any list view in Crunch (invoices, expenses etc.) you will see an “Export to XLS” button. This button will – somewhat predictably – export your data to a downloadable .xls file. The button will export all the data in the list you are currently viewing, so by using the various sorting and filter options you can export any data you like.

There is another new tab in the Your Crunch dashboard (two new tabs in one update – we do spoil you!) called “Export Crunch data”, which provides you with a more comprehensive way to grab your records.

You will see a checklist of all the information we hold on your company, including financial data in spreadsheets, uploaded expense images, and PDFs of all your invoices, dividend vouchers and year end documents. Simply select those you wish to download, hit the “Export” button and the data will be bundled up in a .zip file and downloaded.

We hope you find these new features useful, and as always if you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear from you. You can email your account manager, leave a comment here or say hello on Twitter.