Our development team is on a bit of a functionality binge at the moment. They recently added some very-handy data export and OAuth facilities to Crunch, and last night launched a whole new tab, called “Accounting”.

“Accounting?”, you may think, “Isn’t that what the whole Crunch system does?” Well, yes and no. How our clients use Crunch is more like bookkeeping – accounting is what our software does behind the scenes to ensure your business is running tax-efficiently and to properly prepare the various reports and ledgers required by HMRC and Companies House. This new tab lets you see the fruits of our software’s labour.

There are six reports waiting for you in the new Accounting tab.

– Balance Sheet

– Profit & Loss

– Trial Balance

– Aged Creditors

– Aged Debtors

– Interim Accounts

Each report can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF form should you need to take them elsewhere.

You may ask, when Crunch is all about simplifying your accounting, why we’re giving you access to these “nuts and bolts” accounting documents.

Those of you who have applied for mortgages, overdrafts and credit cards will know that providing proof of income can be difficult for the self-employed. With these new features you can simply download an overview of your financial data to prove how much you earn.

They’re also useful for the more financially-minded among you to get an up-close-and-personal look at your company performance.

Interim AccountsThe last item, Interim Accounts, is something our developers are particularly proud of. A long time ago we talked about how Crunch could generate your year-end at the click of a button – this is the user-facing version of that feature.

Putting together a limited company year-end is something a traditional accountant will charge anything from £300 to £1,000 for, and usually take several weeks to complete. Using this report you can now generate a 100% HMRC- and Companies House-compliant year-end document for your current financial period in the blink of an eye – we think it’s pretty cool, and Crunch is now the only online system to offer this functionality. Click the image on the right to see the full document in all its 8000-pixel-high glory.

It’s important to note the report you generate is only an overview of your financial year up to the current date, using the data you’ve entered into Crunch. Our accountants will continue to check and submit all year-end documents for our clients, and to prevent any confusion the downloadable PDF version of this report is watermarked “INTERIM”. This report is for viewing pleasure only!

The new Accounting tab will be gradually filling up with more features in the next few months, and you’ll find it waiting in your Crunch account the next time you log in. As always if you have any feedback you can email your account manager, drop a comment in our support area or ping us on Twitter.