While some members of our development team have been busy pumping out useful user-facing features, others have been busying themselves making sure everything is running as smooth as ever behind the scenes, and that includes making sure Crunch works wherever you want it to.

With our latest updates we support a wider range of browsers than ever before (a full 99.4% of our visitors will now get a flawless Crunch experience), including mobile browsers.

Officially supported desktop browsers

– Google Chrome (all versions)

– Safari 5 +

– Firefox 3.6 +

– Opera 11 +

– Internet Explorer 7 +

Officially supported mobile browsers

iOS Safari (except statement upload)

Android browser for versions 3.2+ (Honeycomb)

Note: Crunch is developed for an optimal experience on tablets. Although functional in most cases, using Crunch on smartphones is not recommended.

If you find a problem…

If you find an issue in any of our supported browsers, you can email a bug report to feedback@crunch.co.uk, along with the following information:

Your Operating System and Version

Windows: Right-click “My Computer” -> Properties

OS X: Apple Menu -> About This Mac

Android: Settings -> About Phone

iOS (iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch): Settings -> General -> About

Your Browser and Version

Chrome: Wrench Menu -> About Google Chrome

Firefox: Help -> About Mozilla Firefox

IE: Settings -> About Internet Explorer

Safari: Safari Menu -> About Safari

A screenshot of the problem

Windows: Alt + Print Screen to screenshot the current window and copy to clipboard

OS X: Command + Shift + 3 to screenshot the screen and save it to desktop

iOS: Press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously to take a screenshot and save to your Camera Roll

Android: Hold down Volume Down and Power buttons for a second (4.0+ only)

What you were trying to do when you encountered the problem

The sequence of events leading up to the issue – so our development team can attempt to replicate it.

If you have any questions about whether we support your browser or device, you can ping us on Twitter or email your Account Manager.