As Crunch’s client base continues to grow (2,000 and counting) we’re taking on more and more diverse groups of clients. We recently profiled a locum doctor who uses Crunch, and before that a lighting technician who tours with some of the world’s biggest bands.

Despite our continued expansion, Crunch still has a core of IT, web and digital professionals that make up the majority of our clients. One such client is Sarah McLaughlin, a graphic designer from Crunch’s native Brighton.

Crunch customerSarah set up her ethical graphic design business, Little Seed Design, around two years ago, and spent the first year as a sole trader before deciding to form a limited company after a friend recommended Crunch to her:

“Crunch is my first accountant. I decided to sign up as they seemed really accessible – like they spoke my language. Shortly after getting set up I had some trouble with payments from a British company overseas, but my accountant Perry helped me sort everything out.”

Sarah is a big fan of our easy-to-understand company performance graphs, but cites Crunch’s automatic invoicing and payment tracking as her favourite feature:

“I used to have my own antiquated system on a series of spreadsheets, but Crunch brings everything together beautifully for me. It’s really handy to be able to keep track of which invoices are paid, outstanding and overdue.”

Sarah is fast approaching the end of her first financial year, and is in regular contact with her account manager Helena to ensure all her HMRC and Companies House submissions are prepared and signed off in good time.

Sarah is one of many graphic designers who we take care of at Crunch, and we’re looking forward to adding plenty more to our books in 2012.