By now many of you are using Snap to automatically record expenses – and why wouldn’t you? It’s quick and fiendishly convenient.

We’ve had a few people wondering why the expenses they record using Snap appear in their Crunch account unpaid – usually if you have a receipt for something it means you’ve paid for it already, right?

The reason for this is almost as fiendishly simple as Snap itself – in order for an expense to arrive in your account marked as paid we need to know how you paid for it!

If you have multiple bank accounts and cards in your Crunch account, Snap has no way to know which was used to pay for expenses unless you enter the last four digits of those accounts and cards (and the receipt includes the last four digits of the payment method) so we can tie the expense to the payment method.

So if you’re recording plenty of expenses with Snap and thinking “Crikey, I wish these would be marked as paid automatically,” take a quick trip to the Banking tab and enter those card and account details!