Today we’re excited to announce that Crunch investor and technology industry legend Michael Van Swaaij is increasing his involvement in Crunch by taking a seat on our Effective Board.

For those unfamiliar with his work, Michael’s history in the technology sector dates way back to the Compuserve days, when he was the company’s Managing Director. From there he went on to oversee eBay Europe’s growth from fledgling enterprise to the dominant force in European eCommerce, before becoming eBay’s international Chief Strategy Officer in 2005.

Michael was named CEO of Skype in 2007 and remained their Chairman until late 2009.

Although Michael has been involved in Crunch right from the outset (by way of a joint investment made with Bebo founder Paul Birch), his presence on our Effective Board will bring years of experience and a top-level insight to our team, and we’re delighted that he’s decided to take a more active role in Crunch’s development.

Michael’s experience operating a global freemium product was immeasurably helpful when developing our launch strategy.

The Effective Board

The idea for an “Effective Board” came about when Michael was involved in a strategy meeting with our regular Board of Directors. Everyone agreed his input was invaluable, and Michael was keen to find a way to participate in future board meetings, but without the legal rigmarole that goes with formally joining a board.

This is why we came up with the idea for an “Effective Board” – a way of involving our investors in the top-level decision making process while avoiding the bureaucracy traditionally involved in joining a Board of Directors.

While he will be present at board meetings (usually via Skype, naturally), Michael will have no legal attachment to our Board of Directors, and will not be listed as a company director. We think this is a fantastic way to involve influential people in your company decision-making process without any legal acrobatics, and we look forward to Michael’s input in the future.