Just over two months ago we launched our new top-end package, Max, designed to offer tailored, scalable support for growing businesses.

We’ve already seen some of our larger Complete clients making the switch, as well as a slew of new clients who decided to jump on board to take advantage of our new twice-yearly financial health-checks, extra payroll capacity and advanced benchmarking.

One business that signed up for Max was Decoded. Based in Shoreditch near London’s buzzing Silicon Roundabout, Decoded offer single-day coding courses for individuals, groups and other businesses. The majority of their clientele are technology companies who want to give their non-technical staff a basic understanding of what it takes to build a mobile or web app, but anyone is welcome.


Attendees have included the CEOs, senior management and marketing teams of fellow Shoreditch startups, charities, ad agencies, and global businesses such as TalkTalk and Barclaycard.

Decoded say of their course:

“The world has gone digital and the building blocks of digital are code. It is designed for people with an involvement in or passion for the digital world but with zero knowledge of the code that underpins that world.”

For a nice overview of what a day’s Decoded course is like, see this Telegraph piece.

Decoded Director Alasdair Blackwell, who also operates a web design business (through a Complete account, naturally) says choosing Crunch was a natural fit for their fledgling business.

“Crunch is a great example of the web being put to an interesting use and solving a problem. We evangelise the web every day through our work at Decoded so it seemed like a natural fit. How many other accountancy firms do you see with an API?

“Traditionally you’d get your umbrella and go out for a meeting with your accountant, it would take hours. We don’t have to do that anymore, we can just call our account manager if we have any questions.”

Although not currently taking advantage of Max’s added employee capacity, Decoded are expanding fast and will soon be using Crunch’s bolt-on payroll to manage their growing team, as well as dealing with salary for their four directors.

Alasdair specifically cites the collaboration Crunch enables as a boon for his multi-person business – any of the company directors can log in from anywhere and see the shape of their company finances.

“It’s completely transparent. When you’re a one-person business you usually know – roughly at least – how much money you have in the bank. When there are three other directors also spending company money managing a spreadsheet or desktop software would be a nightmare. With Crunch we always know what’s being spent where, and who is accountable.

“The dashboard is fantastic. We can see straight away how much money is coming in, how much is going out, and how much tax we owe, with the option to dig deeper if we want to.”

Decoded are precisely the kind of business Max was designed for – startups who are expanding fast and want a modern solution to their accounting, together with the ability to add services to their package as and when they need them.