Last August we launched, our very own limited company formation service. All Crunch clients operate their own limited company, and about 40% of all our new clients come aboard as Sole Traders. This meant we were spending a small fortune in company formation fees, so GoLimited was developed as a way to streamline our company formations internally.

We were able to bring our formations in-house and just pay the Companies House filing fee of £14. Our new system proved so effective we’ve been able to subsidise the cost of company formation for all comers, as well as use the site as an interesting new marketing channel for Crunch.


We currently charge just £4.50 for a standard limited company with no strings attached – the cheapest on the market. There is no bundled company bank account to opt-out of, and no upsold leather-bound incorporation certificates.

Not only is GoLimited dirt cheap, it’s also lightning fast. Most incorporation agents have a minimum formation time of three hours – GoLimited’s average formation time is around two hours, and our fastest ever time is a frankly-ridiculous ten minutes.

In keeping with the Crunch ethos, this speedy service is achieved with intelligent software. GoLimited is plugged directly into the Companies House API, and our limited companies are incorporated completely automatically.


We’ve also launched Betty, the world’s first Twitter bot plugged directly into the Companies House API, to help prospective company directors choose the right company name.

We’re pleased to announce that just nine months after launch GoLimited has now incorporated over 1,000 limited companies, helping freelancers, contractors, small businesses and entrepreneurs all over the UK take advantage of limited liability and added tax-efficiency. By subsidising the cost we’ve also saved these fledgling businesses almost £10,000.


We’re committed to helping the UK’s small businesses succeed, and that can be a tough job when the economy is in the toilet. However, with the one-two punch of cheap company formation and free accounting software we’re making it easier and cheaper than ever.