Meet Richard Ferriman, CEO & founder of Cloud Symphony, a registered and Salesforce Foundation partner.

Richard’s company builds organisation-wide solutions using the platform for customer contact, core business process automation, social listening and monitoring for SMEs and the Third sector.

His recent clients include an ethical retail company, an Africa-based charity delivering aid to Kenyan Slums, and an animal welfare organisation in London.

Richard has been running various businesses for several years for others, but recently decided to go it alone and formed Cloud Symphony.

Having incorporated only three months ago, and with business setup costs to deal with, as well as a relatively small client base, Richard went on the hunt for a cost-effective, modern accounting solution.

“It was the first time I’d ever managed my own accounts. In my previous jobs I always had a finance department or a bookkeeper. I’d always seen them struggling with desktop accounting software, so I was really worried. I’m by no means an accountant so I needed something really easy to understand.”

Richard wanted to manage his accounts from anywhere, securely, so a cloud solution was the only viable choice.

Richard Ferriman

“I came across Crunch and it just got better and better as I read through the website. My business is all cloud-based, so it only seemed natural to find an online system. Having looked at all the available cloud options Crunch seemed to be the only company to offer a complete solution, so I signed up for a Solo (free) account.

“I’d hate to keep all my accounts on my laptop, which can go walkies any time. Having everything in a secure, hosted environment and being able to access it whenever I want, from anywhere, is a real bonus.”

As Cloud Symphony grows, Richard is eyeing a Complete subscription to get access to his own accountant and extra features like Snap, but for now his Solo (free) account is serving him just fine.

“I’ve only been with Crunch a little while so I still feel like I’m exploring the system. I’m enjoying getting to grips with new functionality as and when I need it, and I love the overall simplicity.

“I’ve paid a small fortune in accountancy fees previously, so being able to keep all my books for free was a real revelation. The whole Crunch service – being able to support businesses in different stages of their development – feels like a massive step up from traditional accountancy. £60 per month for a personal accounting service is amazing.”

Note – our Solo (free) product is no longer available to new signups