We recently sent MD Darren and Partnership Manager Angelo up to sunny Leeds to take part in the Steelcase Solutions and Enterprise HQ sponsored ‘Meet The Disruptors’ event.

Crunch client and local disrupter, Jamil Ahmed, said: “The idea behind these series of talks was that disruptors are often discouraged in the everyday world, but within business they are hailed due to their innovation.”

Darren talked through the steps he took while shaking up the email marketing world with Pure360, and now the accounting world with Crunch. He detailed exactly how being disruptive can be a positive force not just for the business, but for the experience of the customers themselves.

There were some other superb talks on the day too. One of the highlights was from Ajaz Ahmed, founder of Freeserve and Legal365. It was a rare privilege for all involved to have a such a business giant give up some of his time to talk to others and offer his own unique insights.

Darren and Angelo report they had a thoroughly informative morning at an excellent location. Success all round! Check out the video below for a taste of what went down.