In the wee hours of last night our development team pushed the big red “deploy” button on two new and oft-requested features. Here are the details of the shiny new goodies you can expect when you next log in.

Recurring expenses

According to our feedback area, this is the #1 most requested feature not currently in the Crunch system. Our development team are really pleased to finally get this new functionality out there, and from the looks of things our clients will be happy too!

Recurring expenseTo make an expense recur, simply click “Set up recurring expense” in the Options dropdown, and choose how often, and when, the expense will be created. It’s really rather simple.

Currently you cannot create recurring expenses through Snap, however you will be able to edit Snap-generated expenses to make them recurring. You can also edit recurred expenses to attach images to them (for example, your phone bill every month).

Document transfer

We pride ourselves on having best-in-class security, however one chink in our armour up till now has been transferring sensitive documents between our clients and account managers. At a company’s End of Year, for example, we require a company bank account statement. Previously this information would have to be sent via email, but no longer!

When logging into Crunch this morning you will find a new section in the Your Crunch dashboard called Document Transfer. Think of this section as a tin-can telephone between you and your account manager, albeit one made from ultra-secure internet stuff.

Secure document transfer

If you need to send any sensitive information (past accounts, proof of ID for new directors etc.) to your account manager, you can simply upload the necessary files in the document transfer section. Once you’ve uploaded your documents your account manager will be notified in their dashboard.

You’ll find in-depth explanations of both of these great new features in our Help Centre (here and here), and as always don’t hesitate to leave a comment here or ping us on Twitter if you have any feedback or questions.