Say hello to Ben Hudson, a freelance web designer working in the gaming industry, and Crunch client.

Ben left a full-time job as lead online designer for electronics retailer GAME back in March, and started freelancing for gaming industry behemoth Electronic Arts. He has worked on blockbuster titles such as Uncharted, Battlefield 3, FIFA and LA Noire, as well as doing a fair amount of work for fellow freelancers, helping them build their online presence.

When Ben first went freelance he was directed towards an Umbrella Company by the agency he was employed through. However, after a few months he realised he was getting a raw deal.

“It was my first contract role, which was a bit daunting. Leaving the security of a ‘proper’ job and having to do everything myself wasn’t really something I was looking forward to. Eventually, as I was watching the money drain out of my pay cheque, I thought it might be best to move on and set myself up as a limited company.

Ben Hudson

“A good friend of mine recommended Crunch, and once I properly looked into it, it was a no-brainer really. The tax benefits are massive, I would say that I’m about £500 per month better off just on my Electronic Arts contract!”

Ben formed his limited company, LE3 Productions, in June, and hasn’t looked back.

We are hearing from many freelancers and contractors, just like Ben, who have realised that online accountancy is a preferable alternative to a traditional Umbrella Companies setup. As well as the increased tax efficiency and savings on subscription fees, Ben also enjoys our tech-centric approach.

“I also use Snap, which is a lifesaver. Expenses were the bane of my life when I was going through an Umbrella Company, but now I can buy a coffee from Starbucks, and it’s uploaded before I’ve finished drinking it!

“Honestly, everything is better with Crunch. I feel like I have a lot more autonomy with how and when I do things. I’m in no way financially-minded, but the software makes it so easy to do everything that it really doesn’t matter.”

If you’re stuck on an Umbrella Company contract, give one of our advisors a call to see how much better off you could be with a limited company through Crunch.