We believe that working through a limited company is the most effective setup in terms of maximising income and legal protection for the vast majority of self-employed professionals.

Historically many freelancers and contractors would avoid incorporating due to the increased bureaucracy, responsibility, and the possibility of fines from HMRC and Companies House if these statutory requirements were not met.

With Crunch, however, these extra responsibilities are taken care of, so there’s really no reason not to form a limited company!

Advantages of going Limited with Crunch

Tax efficiency

The Crunch software will constantly monitor your income and expenses, and will let you know how much money you can withdraw from your business to remain as tax efficient as possible.

With a limited company through Crunch you’ll take home more of your earnings than a sole trader or umbrella contractor would. Wondering how much more? Try the calculator on our homepage.

We’ll deal with the taxman

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll inform HMRC and Companies House that we are acting on your behalf, so they’ll contact us instead of you. We’ll take care of all your official correspondence, and fill out all the pesky forms.

Limited liability

As a limited company you as an individual will be shielded from any financial fallout should the worst happen. You’ll only be liable for the capital you’ve put into the business – nobody can touch your personal possessions.

All the extra paperwork included in our monthly fee

All the extra paperwork required by HMRC and Companies House (annual return, annual accounts etc.) is automatically generated by our software, double-checked by our accountants, and filed electronically as part of our standard service.

We can do your Self Assessment too!

As a Crunch client you’ll get access to our convenient and simple Self Assessment service. Prices start at £75, and your account manager will get in touch when the service is open for business.

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