For those who like to use the Christmas lull to take care of their accounts (yes, some people do like to do that!), we’re maintaining regular business hours over the Christmas period. We won’t have as many bodies in the office as usual, but our full range of services will still be available!

As a reminder, our hours of operation are 9am – 5.30pm on any day we are open.

Opening hours

Friday 21st – Open

Saturday 22nd – Closed

Sunday 23rd – Closed

Monday 24th (Christmas Eve) – Open

Tuesday 25th (Christmas Day) – Closed

Wednesday 26th (Boxing Day) – Closed

Thursday 27th – Open

Friday 28th – Open 

Saturday 29th – Closed

Sunday 30th – Closed

Monday 31st – Open

Tuesday 1st January – Closed

Wednesday 2nd January – Open

Photo by markshoots