Mileage expenses are some of the most chronically under-claimed business expenses around. Whether you’re travelling by car, motorbike or bicycle you can claim a certain amount per mile whenever you’re travelling for business purposes. And, as we all know, expenses help keep you as tax efficient as possible, and reduce your Corporation Tax bill.

Mile CruncherTo make claiming mileage expenses just that little bit easier, today we’re introducing our second mobile app, Mile Cruncher!

Whenever you’re out and about, simply tap in how far you’ve travelled and a mileage expense will be automatically recorded in Crunch – it couldn’t be simpler, really.

Like Snap, Mile Cruncher will be available for iPhone and Android devices. The Android version is almost finished and will be with us soon, but you can get the iPhone version right now on the App Store!

Authorising Mile Cruncher to access your Crunch account is done in the same way as Snap, via a unique connect token.

To activate Mile Cruncher on your account, navigate to the Crunch Connect tab, and click “Activate” on the Mile Cruncher entry. You will then receive an email containing a unique activation token, which you must enter when you first open the Mile Cruncher app.

Important note about already-claimed miles

The mileage rate you can claim changes once you reach 10,000 miles travelled in one tax year. For this reason you must tell Mile Cruncher how many miles you have already claimed this tax year as soon as you start using the app. More information on that in our Help Centre article.

Just for clients

Remember, our mobile apps are available exclusively for our clients. If you’d like to know more about the Crunch service, call
0333 311 8000 for a friendly chat with one of our advisors.