It’s no secret that Crunch – especially our hard-working development team – is largely powered by coffee. The fact that our developers both drink and develop in Java is, of course, a constant source of amusement.

We’ve had an amorous relationship with Brighton’s finest roastery, Small Batch, for years – however we’ve recently decided to branch out and the first new blend on our list – primarily because they’re a startup just like we were (and because they got back to us on Twitter quickly) – is that of Your Grind.

Your Grind quickly scored brownie points by shipping their coffee to our office by next-day delivery. Combine Royal Mail with Jess, our intrepid office admin, and you have coffee delivered to your desk!

Your Grind

In much the same way we focus on the needs of our users when building our accounting software, Your Grind are focusing on the needs of their users with their packaging. Crucially, they’ve realised that most people are barely awake when they make their first brew of the morning – so they handily wrote the instructions on the inside flap of the envelope.

your grind instructions

This morning we excitedly gathered around the cafetiere to see what YourGrind’s Brazilian blend could offer – and we weren’t disappointed. If you like your coffee dark and brooding, the Brazilian blend is for you. Subtle caramel flavours and a rich body make this a winner in our book.

Our verdict

Jon – “I like my coffee like I like my accountants – mature and authoritative. Your Grind delivers (literally and figuratively) in spades.

Tim – “Rich and chocolatey. We’ll be needing more, lots more.”

Anil – “That’s some very nice coffee.”

Sweet Java

Are you a purveyor of fine coffee? Get in touch and we’ll be sure to sample your wares!

Just to clarify – we don’t have any kind of commercial relationship with Your Grind; we just love good coffee.