Many people imagine accountancy is a fairly boring, stagnant industry – but in fact it’s a complicated beast, with constantly-changing rules and regulations, and new case law being established on a monthly basis. To this end, we invest quite a bit in our team of accountants to make sure they’re always at tip-top performance.

Today we’re pleased to announce we’re turning our commitment to accounting excellence up to 11 with accreditation from not one, but two accounting bodies. Those bodies are the Association of Accounting Technicians and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, both of whom have seen fit to accredit Crunch and our accountants.

What does that mean?

Put simply, it means that our training regime has been recognised as being of the highest standard, that we provide our team of accountants with all the resources they need to support our clients, and that we’re committed to helping our accountants grow professionally with training sessions, study resources and support as they acquire new qualifications.

As part of our accreditation our accounting team also get access to up-to-the-minute accounting and tax news from both bodies, so you can rest assured the advice you’re getting is the best around.

We now have a grand total of 16 accountants servicing our clients (and our total headcount is now at 75!), including 4 recently-graduated apprentices who will be enjoying the benefits of our new AAT and ACCA accreditations.