Crunch is incredibly popular with techies – we know that. Anywhere up to 50% of our clients are web designers, programmers and IT contractors. But we’ve invested hugely in making sure our service is accessible to people who don’t live and work online – and we thought it was high time we introduced some of our non-technical clients.

Meet Tom, founder of City Pups. Formerly of Lancashire Police’s Dog Unit, Tom relocated to London with his girlfriend and, having decided not to join the Met, started dog walking professionally.

City Pups

Since starting out as a sole trader with just one client, Tom has grown City Pups to include two employees, four subcontractors, a clutch of celebrity clients and a rather daunting 85 dogs walked every day!

Tom decided to incorporate City Pups fourteen months ago and turned to us to handle the company formation and accounts. Before he had access to our online accounting software Tom would manually draw up invoices, send them off to his clients, and then record the values in a separate accounting package – effectively doubling his workload.

“Having everything in one place makes invoicing so much easier. I can send an invoice and all the figures are automatically recorded in my accounts.”

Tom speaks to his account manager Johnny on a monthly basis, and was impressed with how easy the process was when it came time to take on employees.

“You think these things would be fairly straightforward, but reading the Government and HMRC websites is just baffling – PAYE was a total minefield.

“I phoned up my account manager and just said ‘I want to employ people; how do I do that?’. Everything was explained in plain English and I had my payroll set up in no time.”

City Pups

Tom is another Crunch client who appreciates our everything-under-one-roof approach, and has just successfully filed City Pups’ first annual accounts with us.

“Probably the best thing I can say about Crunch is that it takes what should be the most complicated part of running a business and makes it the easiest.”