As you’ll no-doubt be aware, our development team have been hard at work putting together one of the best darn Real Time Information systems out there – so good, in fact, that our clients need to do absolutely nothing to be RTI compliant.

With the new legislation coming into force this Saturday (April 6th), we’re now in the final stages of preparation before flipping the big switch – our development team actually deployed the last of our RTI-specific code last night. RTI filings are due to commence at 6am on Saturday.

Why 6am?

Believe it or not, HMRC have decided to take their entire filing system offline for two days to perform the upgrade to RTI, and have elected to switch it back on at 6am on Saturday. Once it comes back online RTI filings will begin from Crunch (along with everyone else), and our Development team will be keeping an eye on things to ensure a smooth transition.

How will I know RTI is working on my account?

If you generate a payroll run from Saturday onwards, it will be. We’ve specifically designed our RTI system to work completely invisibly. Every time you record payroll either for yourself, a fellow Director or an employee your RTI filings will be sent off to HMRC in the background. Any payroll runs from April 6th onwards will be completely RTI-compliant.

As always, if you have any questions ask away in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer.